Wow what a waste to a beautiful weather weekend

Would have been an incredible weather weekend here in Mississippi high in the 80s all the way through no chance for rain…sad!

In my day there was an expression often used, “wake up and smell the roses”

U-da ole buddy, my first reaction was that you are just trying to stir up responses on a slow day (if so, consider yourself successful), but in retrospect I have not found that to be your style from previous posts. I’m pretty sure that I’m older than you (perhaps considerably so), so I hope that none of this will offend you, coming from an old cogger who regularly enjoys and appreciates your insight into sports (with particular emphasis on our beloved Razorbacks). First, reread the post from bobghawg above every chance that you get, realizing that this does not necessarily apply only to roses. Today I looked at the first page of the newspaper and saw no mention that the world had come to an end (neglecting how close the reporters make it sound). Then I looked in the obituary section and found that indeed I was not listed. Then I went out and picked some of the most tasty strawberries that you have ever eaten, looked at the silver queen corn sprouting up all pretty, planted some more of my garden and caught up on some long-neglected yard work. Tomorrow I may just go out to my daughter and son-in-law’s pond and catch some of their big bream to fry up for supper. May make a fresh strawberry cake too. (I will not bore you further about the great enjoyment I got from the smiles and interactions with some beautiful and delightful young ladies when I went to the store.) Now reread the post above and go out and find other things to do to make you smile (even laugh) until sports are back in venue. It will not be long!!

Oh I smell the roses every day when the Lord wakes me up and I thank him for it.I was just thinking that on march 13 we had 80 degree weather when sometimes it may be snowing 8 inches like it was on March 13 1 yr when I was coaching Baseball in Ga…We have had so much rain this yr I was just thinking what a shame we have to waste this beautiful weather…But I am a very happy person 98% of the time.the Hogs are about the only thing that make me lose my cool LOL.Have a great weekend enjoy your family time.

We’ve had too much wet weather to get low water on the river. So I will tie flies. I’ve got a nice pile going on my fly tying table. I hope to use them in a couple of weeks. Some of the spring flowers have bloomed this week. Along the side of my drive way, it’s yellow for about 30 yards. I see the buds on the red buds and dogwoods. I bet it’s going to be a pretty spring, but it’s not yet here in Baxter County. Bream are not on the beds yet, but you can find crappie in Lake Norfork. Son-in-law caught some earlier this week and wife and daughter made a dish of roasted crappie and veggies with parmesan cheese. It was delicious. I went back for seconds, as there was plenty.

Clay or anyone. Is Lake Conway still a very good place to fish?
when I lived in Arkansas it was very good… The Lakes in Hot Springs were also good.

I seem to remember when the power company started buiding hydro dams the fishermen were upset to the state experminted by putting some trout in the rivers and it worked very well I think I remember.

And one other thing, is there still a good amount of Alligator Gar in Arknasas? Again I do remember when there were quite a few.

The gar are plentiful in the lakes and rivers. Lake Conway is still a good fishing lake although I have not fished it in 30’years.

My fishing the last 15 years has been primarily on the Ozark trout rivers below the dams. And yes that experiment has been highly successful as far as trout because of the constant flow of cold water.

Rainbows are stocked from the Norfork National Fish Hatchery. It is the largest operated by the USFWS. It stocks over 1 million fish a year in the White River system.

Brown trout spawn naturally from initial egg plantings in the gravel beds near Bull Shoals dam in the White River. It is arguably the best brown trout fishery in our country. The Little Red below Greers Ferry dam had similar luck with brown trout egg plantings in the 70s and is also terrific, although it’s not my favorite place. Too much moss and too many docks. I prefer the White below Bull Shoals dam and the Norfork.

We moved to the town of Norfork full time about 20 months ago. We live on a ridge above the Norfork River in a sub division that has eight house on about 150 acres.

I still get to Fayetteville plenty. I can stay with Sarah, our oldest daughter, a single teacher who has a nice home.

Becca, our youngest, is married to a fly fishing guide and lives about 300 yards higher on our ridge. She works for P&G and spends several days a week in Fayetteville where she has an apartment near Dickson Street west of College. We both can do a lot of our work from home. They have been in their home about 4 years.

I have friends to fish with, but fly fishing can also be plenty of fun solo. And I can “fish” at home when I sit at my fly tying desk to create my midges and nymphs, the two flies I fish the most. It is like fishing in many ways.

If I ever get back to golf, there are good courses close. Big Creek in Mountain Home is about 15 minutes away. Cooper’s Hawk in Melbourne is about 45 minutes.

Thanks, Clay. I am glad fishing is still good in Arkansas. There are several very good lake near here, the Atlanta area, but way too many speed boats and swimmers and many not interested in fishing.

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