Wow...what a story about Wendy Anderson

I couldn’t even finish reading the entire article.

No words to express the pain and loss Wendy’s family is experiencing. Last May our sweet precious niece lost her battle with breast cancer. She was 52 years old. We still mourn.

Prayers for the Anderson’s and the entire Arkansas State family.

Couldn’t help getting watery eyes reading that…always root for ALL Arkansas teams but I will pay close attention to ASU this year. Glad to see them take care of biz past Saturday in Vegas.

Arkansas State plays Georgia between the hedges Saturday. A group of Georgia fans is organizing a “Pink Out” to honor Wendy Anderson. A nice gesture from those Bulldog fans.

I loathe the ASU athletic program & their obnoxious fans. (Although not all their fans are obnoxious.) However, it’s impossible not to hope the best for Blake Anderson & his family after such a tragedy. One still has to keep perspective & when someone loses a wife at age 49, football becomes awfully low on the list of important things in life.

What a great tribute. Hard not to root for Blake Anderson and his family as they find there way in a world with out Wendy.