wow!! what a comeback!!

so happy for Fletcher! maybe this will get us going!!

That’s why you wait to see what’s going to happen. Usually baseball doesn’t have a time limit, but even with one, you never know what’s going to happen in the late innings. Glad for Fletcher, who’d “been scuffling.” His Charlie Brown shot will be one to remember.

USC looks like a pretty solid team this year. This was a big win for Arkansas and proves why the team is ranked so high. Good teams win those kinds of games.

USC may be picked too low in the Pac-12. We’ve certainly seen that Auburn and Tennessee were picked too low in basketball.

What a great game. I thought we were dead after getting down 5-1. Then I thought we’d win once we tied it at 5. Then I got all depressed again when they got up 6-5 going into that final inning. I held out hope with Biggers’s single. But then Cole’s triple to tie it made me giddy. I thought surely Kjerstad would manage a sac fly. The intentional walk was a smart move, but then I thought Bonfield would do it. Then when they walked the bases full, I just got nervous as hell for Fletcher. His line drive was absolutely beautiful.

I just wish the SEC internet feed allowed for meaningful post game.

Impressive to do that against their closer. Early in the season, but the guy has been very solid until today.

We should be in first place in the Pac-12 with a 3-1 record right now. Of course, Oregon State might go 30-0 in league play. The Beavs are 11-0 on the season now, and went 27-3 last year in the league.

Maybe we get them in Omaha.

Lots of baseball yet to play. But I think the Hogs learned something about themselves today, and that should bode well for the future.