Wow Wally

Tell us how you really feel.

I’m afraid he raised some good points. I’m not at all convinced we have a plan in place. We look like we’re going to grope around & hope we land a good coach. I’m not so sure we have a plan or have been in serious negotiations with a coach we can have confidence is likely to win. I’m not even sure we have the money to pay all these buyouts, then buy out some other coach & pay him & his staff competitive salaries.

Wally is totally off base. He’s a putz.

They aren’t treating the UofA like a toy.

The AD said all the right things. It’s not her first rodeo and she’s going to be consulting with her network. That stands for the power people that are deeply involved in the process. Her role is to do all the work with the advice and support from those in the middle of this. That’s what she’s doing.

I agree with you about that. I only agree with him that it appears there’s no real plan in place.

I thought it was a well written article that questions the manner in which the firing took place, including the bizarre comment that the decision was made during the Missouri game. I believe a LOT of people thought that Auburn would lose yesterday and that Gus would be anointed King Hog this morning. Not going to happen now, particularly if Auburn beats Georgia and heads to the BCS Playoff. Things just got a lot messier and the ship may have someone at the helm, but the rudder isn’t tight.

For the first time in a very long time, I admit I’m in full agreement with Wally Hall. It probably won’t happen again for another decade, but he’s spot on in his article today.

Well, it’s beyond preposterous that an interim AD was allowed to make the decision to fire Bielema. As if that decision wasn’t made weeks ago. It’s insulting to the intelligence of Arkansans to even make that claim.

I read Wally and then know I have wasted minutes of my life. I tell myself to never do it again and like a car wreck I look. Even if he is right, I want to hear it from someone else. Must be a me problem

So let’s recap. Interim AD summons the coach from the dressing room and fires him just minutes after the game. Social media and news media begins to question the class of such an act. With no AD in place, what experienced coach wants to be hired not knowing who their boss is? Or work for this classy group as it is at the moment. A good working relationship between a coach and the AD is important. The supposed front runner candidate beats No. 1 team to advance to SEC Championship game and probably into the Playoffs. The existing coach was a walking dead man for weeks. So what is the plan now? There is no search committee and your first choice is basically off the table. If no coach is in place shortly after the conference championship games are played next weekend, there was no plan. I truly hope I am wrong.

I thought Wally nailed it.

I live out of state and have no inside sources anymore. I have always thought we were a fall back plan for Gus as he has been almost fired several times and expected to be fired this year. I think his influential Springdale friends and little Rock power people(Stephens) put the plan together to can Long and Bielema a long time ago to be sure their was a place for Gus and we would continue playing in Little Rock.

Stephens liked Long so you are clearly wrong on that front.

He ain’t wrong.

The whole chain of events, from the Long firing to Bielema’s termination, are not a good look for the UofA. They’re never going to have a program that others take seriously until they stop this nonsense.


I’m no Wally fan, but thought he made some good points.

Sometimes our powers that be do appear like the gang that can’t shoot straight - and sometimes well beyond the state.

For the record, I thought changes need be made.

I actually had people come up after church in Austin asking what our coach did to be fired as he was walking off the field.