Wow, Vic Schaefer to Texas

Hate to see tu get such a good coach, but gotta think (hope) the leghumper’s replacement won’t be quite as good/successful.

At least that’s one fewer friend (and UofA tie) CMN will have to face on a recurring basis.

Vic, UALR’s Joe Foley and Gary Blair are close friends. UALR plays Miss State and A&M. I suspect there will be an annual Arkansas-Texas home and home series

Don’t think we’ll ever have to worry about Mike Neighbors leaving…

My bad, maybe it’s just DVH that doesn’t really care for that.

It would be nice to see home and home series with Texas in all sports! Play the Horns every year! Playing Texas is always the right thing to do that the only way you have a chance to beat them!

Vic last Moo U for the cash! I don’t blame him! He better win or the Cash train will stop!

pj … might wanna listen closely to CMN’s latest Q&A.

I’ll stand by my original post on this matter.

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