Wow they missed a blatant clip on the long touchdown pass by OM

I’m just now getting to go back and review the game and on that long touchdown pass. Curl gets blatantly clipped from behind about the 5 yd line right in front of the official and there is no way you will convince me he was turning his back into it. Horrible no call, would have been called if we had ran it.

I considered it a block in the back and the official was close. However he may have not seen the contact as the player did not go down. But there was illegal contact on the play and should have been called. I doubt if it was intentionlly not called.

Yes, I saw it live but i’m doing my best to quit complaining about refs.

I have a problem in that area.

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Yeah I noticed that one along with the grabbing of O’Grady running down field, the facemask on Boyd, the full out grabbing of the jersey holding by Ole Miss offensive line. I felt like they refs had been told to not watch ole miss. That’s life in the SEC.

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Let’s not forget the shot Knox took to the head early on on the long pass that was broken up. That was why he got up very slowly. How the sideline ref standing right there didn’t at a minimum call a personal foul or targeting because replay’s clearly showed it was helmet to helmet.

The referee behind Starkel missed one too. He took a helmet to helmet shot as well.

Yes…we got beat but there were a ton of penalties missed that very well could have had an affect on the game, potentially in our favor.

Not complaining like LDhog mentioned, just bringing up stuff I saw as well.

Anyone else see it?

refs, missed a lot. There was also a horrible hold on one of their TD plays, i cant think of off the top of my head. I just know i lost my mind over it.

you guys have mentioned all the ones that had me jumping out of my chair, except the “pass interference” on McClellion in the 4th quarter. all bad, bad bad, and all at critical times. As per usual.


I thought the targeting call they missed on our first 3rd down play was the worst. the guy clearly lead with his helmet, didn’t even have his arms up. The missed def holding/PI on the out and up by CJ was probably the next to worst. The holding calls in the line they missed were bad, particularly the one on Sosa on a touchdown run, but they missed several on us as well so those probably even out.

The hit on Knox definitely should have been reviewed for targeting that was a very clear helmet-to-helmet.

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How about the intentional grounding on the play where Zach Williams had the face mask?

I was yelling at the TV over several missed calls against OM. Don’t understand why the officials didn’t hear me. My puppies sure did. My wife always vacates the house when the Hogs are on TV.


what about the play where starkel handed off right at the start of the 2nd half, handed off and then got clobbered, took him awhile to get up, I thought sure we would retaliate for that, was hoping anyway, since the refs thought it was ok to lay out the qb when he doesnt have the ball…,…