Wow they just said Old Dominion K 24 times in their loss

I have never heard of anything like that and it wasn’t even the most in history it was a third most can you imagine striking out 24 times in a 9 inn game! It was in their loss in the regional.

It went ten innings

Oh wait, are you talking about the previous game?

Previous game 24/27 out K!! Put 3 balls in play

Wait a minutes…that’s three OUTS in play. Not saying they did, but they could have had 15 hits and 8 walks mixed in with those 27 outs. That would be a LOT more than 3 balls “in play”.


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Yeah, it’s only outs. Not at bats. ODU had six hits and 34 ABs in the game.

yeah ya’ll can tell I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into what I said,I was too busy being blown away by the 24K’s

Leave me alone I’m old lol


Yeah. What Billy said. :rofl:


Billy has reveled his age in the past. I’m older than him. June 26 I’ll be 70. I share that birth date with a certain publisher of HI. Of coarse he is several years younger.

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I’ve got y’all beat.


How bout me. I’m 77

Still, 77 is not old old.

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