Wow, that was quick

Peach Bowl ended at midnight Eastern in Atlanta. 13 hours later, the Falcons hosted Arizona. Of course, Arizona’s stadium also hosted a playoff game yesterday. I wonder if they rolled up the college turf in ATL and rolled out NFL turf.

I did notice a partially scrubbed out NFL shield emblem close to the sideline but on the field last night in Atlanta. Some teams put the large shield at midfield, some will put their logo. I don’t know what the Falcons normally do, but the mini shield was showing through around the 30


Flying-bird F logo

And we have the answer. They repainted the field overnight.

So the Falcons, or the city of Atlanta, are still doing the old school method of just scrubbing and repainting, pretty much exactly how you’d have to treat a grass field. AT&T Stadium actually rolls out different fields for different games, and not just the end zones and midfield. For college games the hash marks and yard line numbers are in different places, not just the usual double hash marks and markings for where the college yard line numbers go

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