wow that was an impressive 2 games

2 runs on 7 hits!! making this pitching staff(I know all about them leading the sec) look like the atlanta braves in their hey day!! record time for penthpuse to outhouse!!

Well, at least we made their leadoff hitter take 5 pitches before he went yard. We’re only down 1 run after 1 batter. :x

not even going to watch! they quit I quit,real simple.

This is maddening. We just can’t come up with a hit when we need one.

Well, at least it’s taking HR’s for OM to score–and in this game no one was on base when they happened. Being down 2 runs in the 2d is our best start of the series.

Never mind. It’s now 3 runs & the runner who got to base on a walk scored on wild pitch. This is all mental now. Never thought we’d get swept at home by Ole Miss, but that’s looking like what’s about to happen.

No. They didn’t quit. You quit.