Wow Tennessee beats Arizona

That was an impressive win for the SEC… They’ve got another great defensive team looks like… will definitely have our hands full with them especially over there

hard to not get that Fulkerson is what we want all our players to rep for our schools. Dude sold out and looked as good as a couple of years ago. The new frosh are making the media headlines and probably some effect on ranking that gets them better seeding, but Fulkerson was the old man who stepped up. I will hate him when we play them, but his effort last night was undeniable.

They also got drilled by Villanova and lost to TTech in overtime, in a game where neither team could find the ocean with a beachball (IIRC neither team made a basket for like 10 minutes of game time, and they weren’t all contested shots).

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This is shaping up as one crazy season… Bama beats Gonzaga, Memphis, and Houston in 10 days then can’t buy a three pointer and losses one they should have pounded in the ground. The Top twenty is full of losses, many of them you can only shake your head at. Watching this unfold day after day is becoming the norm not the exception.

Memphis beat Bama after losing to Ole Miss and Georgia, but your point is well taken.

Yeah I can tell they’re not as good offensively as they have been but their defense is really really good.

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