WOW, TCU wins

… on a FG with no timeouts left, 4th down, 11 seconds left, and trailing by 3.

I can’t believe they pulled that win out, the way they did.

Sonny said they practiced that play.

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Good for them. Baylor is close behind Texass on my most disliked list.

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And Vandy beat Fla, even tho refs gave the Gators an extra play at the end. What was up with that?

Good question. Play was in bounds, not a first down, and 2 seconds left. No way the clock should have been stopped.

Meechigan just got a FG to take the lead over the Illini with 9 seconds left.

Typical SEC officials incompetence. Glad it didn’t cost Vandy the win.

Not a TCU fan… never have been, never will be. That being said… I do enjoy seeing an outside team that could really screw up the whole playoff thing for some of the elites.

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Illinois had a legitimate gripe on the late interference call. Not so much that it was wrong, but the exact same interference happened to an Illinois receiver and was not called against Michigan. I was impressed with the toughness showed by Illinois

Bingo. The Big 12 took care of TCU and the The Big 10 took care of Michigan.

Not once in a hundred tries could I imagine an Arkansas team successfully running the offense off and the FG unit on and executing a last second FG so calmly and controlled like that. Someone would run off or on late or not get on the field at all and time would run out during the circus. Pretty impressive execution at the end by the Frogs.

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