Wow TAM just cheated Georgia

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen before… Georgia had the ball @TAM with like 10 seconds left in the game and down by 1. Whoever was operating the shot clock stopped it at 5 seconds and Georgia kept playing because they thought they had 5 seconds, anyways Georgia ended up getting fouled at the end, however they waived that because they said time had expired.

That’s ridiculous, the players are looking at the shot clock to see how much time is left, they see 5 seconds and operate accordingly. Whoever was operating that shot clock needs to be fired and SEC office needs to investigate this.

There is no reason that the clock should have stopped. I’m thinking it was an honest mistake though since stopping the clock seems counter-intuitive for the team protecting the lead. Honest mistake or not, that clock operator needs to be fired.

However, there is no doubt that UGA had the ball longer then 5.6 seconds (which is where the clock froze) before the foul. I also don’t think that Frazier was aware of the shot clock since it was a scramble situation and was being hounded. Maybe he did see the clock, but if I had to guess I would say he couldn’t see it.

I’m surprised that UGA didn’t get to shoot the FTs. Mark Fox took it in stride and didn’t blow up so I assume the officials interpreted the rule correctly.

should be some mighty interesting splaining out of Birmingham, probably the damn Ruskies who were bored after the election: … 36864.html

According to the NCAA rule book, it was the right interpretation of a bad rule.

So they didn’t get cheated. Game should have been over even before a Frazier shot would have gone up

What happened was the Bulldogs chocked down the stretch.

Nobody to blame but themselves.They folded up shop too early

If I were a UGA fan, I would be upset with the irregularity of the clock stopping, but when you look at the replay the Georgia player would not have gotten the shot off in time had the clock been running.
On the plus side for the Hogs, it’s an L for the Dawgs. I have a feeling we and Georgia could well be fighting over that last NCAA tournament bid for the SEC in March. This outcome helps.

It’s a fallacy that there are so many SEC bids to be had and we’re competing with Georgia or Bama for one of them. We may be competing for a bid in March, all right, but we’re competing with teams like Illinois and Rhode Island, not necessarily Georgia and Bama.

Whether it was intentional, unintentional or something else, it was an epic embarrassment for the Aggies. The only honorable thing for them to do now, is to burn down their arena. Just make a big Aggie bonfire out of it and go back to playing in G. Rollie White Coliseum.

Might be a little difficult. They tore down GRW in 2013 to make room for the expansion of Kyle Field.

A player glances at the clock as playing and not aware if its running or not. His decision is based on the remaining time. In that respect GA got screwed. On the other hand, GA blow a 13 point lead to get there. Their loss, our gain.