Wow something just occurred to me recently

I feel like I need to start by saying I’m a Mike fan. Wonderful man. I want HIM to be the man that takes us to another level. I’m excited about the young talent on this team. So many good players.
Having said all that, it really just occurred to me that we’ve not even been ranked in the top 25 but probably two weeks over the past 8 years. That’s just mind blowing. We’ve somehow let these little pi$$ ant programs like auburn, Texas tech, TCU, Baylor etc etc become better programs than us. My gosh I still have the article I cut out several years ago when sports illustrated had us as the 8th best bb program of all time. Now we can’t even get ranked in the top frickn 25. It’s seriously just mind boggling. I drove from here in hot springs to both games last week. Wednesday night getting back at 3am having to be at work the next day. Two huge conference games, LSU And Fla, and was just amazed at how there probably wasn’t 11,000 at either game.
I’m not even sure how this happened. I guess it started with Bill Self wanting the job and us giving it instead to Stan Heath, then John pelphrey . Just two horrible decisions set us back for many many years I guess. I’m sure ready to be relevant again. We’ve already been forced it seems to take our crappy seat at the football table. I just refuse to do that in basketball.

Arkansas has been ranked in the AP poll a total of 10 weeks during the college basketball season since the beginning of 2011-12, and the 2014-15 team was ranked for nine weeks, but never higher than No. 18. Razorbacks have been ranked for one week - essentially two games - the last three-plus seasons.

Thanks Scottie I appreciate the information. I knew it hadn’t been many. I was here at work thinking about it and I just couldn’t hardly recall many at all. If Gafford could stay, this group would be ranked plenty during next season with the pieces we have. Unfortunately though, he will be gone.

So aside from the one season of 14-15, we have been ranked in the Top 25 for one week in seven seasons.


That’s correct. Arkansas was No. 22 in the AP poll the first week of 2018, lost two games and fell out.