Wow, SC about to upset FL at FL

Up 71-66 with 25 seconds left in the game. Geez, that would be a major upset.

Beat 'em. It looks like there is no certain win in the SEC unless you’re Bama.

SC did beat Florida. 72-66. Now Florida is sitting at 6-4 in conference field with the Hogs.

Tied for 3rd place now with LSU and UF. 4 games behind Bama.


Only 2 games ahead of the 4 teams tied for 9th (UGA, Ole Miss, MSU, and Auburn)

The log jam will take care of itself. The hogs need to win a few in a row and they will climb. I wouldn’t want to have Tennessee’s schedule the way they are playing.

Bama is an enigma to me. Undefeated in the SEC, just tearing thru the conference.

But non-conference just 5-4, and looked bad against OU this past weekend.

Right now, the difference between 2nd place in the SEC and 12th place is 2 games. Two.

Another wacky SEC hoops season.

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OU is pretty darn good. Beat three straight top 10 teams, now they’re in the top 10.

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