WOW Richt Retired

Just days after the AD blasted the team and said he and Richt shared the same vision going forward.

Not surprised at all.

The fans were upset. I am sure it was a mutually agreed upon deal.

Rumors out there that Mark Stoops maybe the guy who is being looked at. How or would that affect us in anyway in recruiting?

Arkansas doesn’t recruit many players in Kentucky or Florida - at least anymore - so I don’t see that moving the needle at all.

I know nothing, but when I first read this, I thought immediately of Lane Kiffin. He seemingly would like the Miami life style.

I’m not surprised at all I have the utmost respect for Mark richt he could see that it wasn’t working out in Miami and being the man he is he just figured it was time for him to go. Very classy individual I have met him and he is just what you see everyday wishing him all the best…

Lots of pro jobs coming open.

Rex Ryan could be a candidate. … ht-retires

Good football coach but a great man ! WPS