Wow! Penny Hardaway

Who cares. Penny’s been blessed with a ton of talent at Memphis, and done nothing with it.

Good recruiter I guess (he’s been accused of dirty recruiting tactics), but definitely a mediocre coach.


I 100% agree. Quite honestly, Penny is not qualified for his job, but he has a name. At least he’s keeping some big names away from Cal. Or maybe FedEx is? Who really knows anymore?

Money continues to flow, from under the table to who cares.

Penny really needs at least a Sweet 16 this year. Even an insider who knows where all the bodies are buried and how things work in that town can only get so much media love and so many recruiting coups before people start wondering why they aren’t doing better on the court.

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Basketball analysts had predicted Memphis getting this type of talent once Penny added Larry Brown and Rasheed Wallace. Just like NBA experience is supposed to help Muss get talent, why can’t Penny get the same, with Penny and the staff having even more NBA experience than Muss and the staff?

Penny may not be a good coach and may fail on the court, but NBA experience should draw recruits to him, just like we think it does to Muss.

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Larry Brown certainly has a record of college recruiting clean as new new falling snow……sarcasm.

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Kindred spirits- all snakes.

I like Penny’s shot to finally get Memphis into the NCAA Tournament for the first time in his fifth season.

That would get your fired here.


This will be year four.

The same year CMA finally took UA to the dance

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Is it even under the table anymore? My observations, at least from the football perspective, has been that coaches want to showcase players getting lucrative deals because it brings more shine to the program.

I’m genuinely asking out of a lack of knowledge. What would be considered under the table these days?

NCAA tournament was not held one of those three years. So, realistically it will be his third year to try for the tournament. And they won NIT last year. I think Penny is in good shape at least two more years.

Wow! The NIT! That means that you weren’t good enough to qualify for the NCAA Tournament right. And he has had plenty of talent and has the NBA name. So why has he not been better?

Obviously some not so good coaching and some bad luck like his biggest recruit Wiseman becoming ineligible.

The question was whether he is going to get fired and not that whether he has had great success,

For example, what would have happened to us if Smith hadn’t come back from injury.

I didn’t say he deserved to be fired or was going to get fired.

Just making a point that - albeit sarcastically - that he had not taken a team to the NCAA Tournament yet.

And he’s had talent although not as much as it would appear he has this year.

What happens good or bad is all on the head coach - here, Memphis, everywhere.


What was one under the table is “Mostly” now above it for all to see

And - although it is well known of my great deal of respect for Mike Anderson the man - it was time for things to change and a new direction


Bad Luck? Wasn’t his ineligibility due to Penny giving Wiseman’s family several thousand dollars?


Harley, that was some kind of bad luck wasn’t it? What happened to Penny he brought on himself. He can now spend that Fed Ex money without hiding it. Looks like he’s already started.

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