WOW! No #1 seeds get out of the Sweet Sixteen

I am happy about that as I was rooting against Bama and Houston.

I figured once the Hogs lost I’d root for SDS and was pleased to see them win.

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Yes. I hope SDS make the final
Game. Beats UCONN.

This is a year without a dominant team. I think this may be Gonzaga’s year. Figure UConn will not play as well tomorrow.

This may be Gonzaga’s best chance in a while, Clay, but I think UConn will beat them fairly easily.
I guess we will see, but that UConn team doesn’t have a weakness that I can see.

Obviously, UConn is on a roll. Just wonder if they will have a flat game.

Anything is possible, but I think they are the best team left.
Gonzaga had to work too hard last night.
Sadly, UCONN didn’t.

Guess I’m going to go with K-State (born in Colby), and San Diego State (spent four great years there in USN).

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