Wow ND and Ky

ND was up 22 at half 48-26. Ky holds them to only 16 pts in 2nd half but they hang on for 1 pt win. All that matters.

Cal will be calling for the season to be canceled because of covid any minute, now, if he isn’t already.

He makes $300k A GAME but he has national media guys blaming his $400k/yr “special assistants” who get paid less than some of his “business decision” recruits.

And, of course Jimmy Dykes says his secret is he just outworks everyone.

It’s truly amazing. The industry is set up for him and he’s probably gonna have one of the worst seasons in a generation at UK.

And you just watch. The excuse will be covid. And he will have plenty of the media members who lap up his self pronation carrying the water for him on that.

And, it’s not like it hasn’t impacted plenty of schools. The 2 schools I follow—Arkansas and SIUE of the Ohio Valley Conference (where my nephew will be getting to play earlier next semester, oddly, because of covid) both have 8-9 new players and appear to be better than they were last year.

SEC…SEC… except when it comes to KY, Auburn, FL, Ole Miss, A/M, Tenn, Bama, SC, and MIS State.


Right now Auburn is playing Memphis. Hate both schools. Who to root for???

Maybe some day these cheating schools will get their pay backs. Like maybe this year. Duke, Ky, Auburn, Kansas, MsState, and LSU to name a few deserve severe penalties!

Dude… one never roots for Auburn in anything unless it’s a plane crash. I don’t care what Penny has done. Nothing compares to the filth that is Auburn.


Best thing about watching this Memphis/Auburn game is not having to see the face of coach Pearl!!
Masks have more benefits than just curbing the potential of spreading COVID!!

Man, Memphis would be in control of this game if they could hit free throws! They are atrocious!!

You forgot LSU and Mizzou

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