WOW... MSU has a switch pitcher

97 from the right hand…
92 from the left hand…

I don’t know how that would work, I’d assume he could not switch in the middle of a count, but I guess he can switch depending if he faces a left or right hand batter. I think I’m gonna have to try and watch a game or two of his. I find this very interesting.

I have a poker friend that played at MSU when they had Lightning and Thunder. I’ll have to ask him about this kid next time I see him.

Anyways here is the tweet I saw that started this post.

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I saw something about that kid over the winter. I think the rule is the pitcher has to pick a side first, but I could have that backward.

I believe that is correct. Didn’t Vandy have a pitcher 8-10 years ago that could do the same? Impressive nonetheless. I can hardly pick my nose with my left hand much less throw an accurate ball.

I’ve been a switch picker my whole life. I just try to not brag about and display my talent.

Incredible. To me, that’s more amazing than a switch-hitter.

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I used to kick with either foot in Jr. High. (Or thought I could) I was actually the backup kicker. My one any only kicking opportunity was a kick off when we were WAY ahead. First I headed for the ball before the whistle. The ref grabbed me laughing. Seeing this was about 64 I kicked straight ahead. The ref whistled and I headed to the ball. Halfway there I was trying to decide right foot or left. I went with left. It was a perfect end over end for at least 20 yards. My coach loved telling stories later in life about my football skills (or lack there of). Except for the 20 yard line tacking me in the open field in Gould that’s about the best of my stories.

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Pitcher must declare before first pitch to batter, and must stay with that arm until the batter is either retired, reaches base, or is substituted for, or the inning ends.

Batters can switch to either side of plate during the same at-bat, but not pitchers.

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there was a similar pitcher a couple of years ago in the majors…think he was with Tampa Bay…just remember seeing him during a Yankees broadcast and the rule of which side to pitch was being discussed

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