Wow, Moo U fired their coach

… after only three games. They did get swept at Southern Miss, but the stories about his dismissal claim that it is “for cause”, although no cause has been stated.

Mississippi State fires baseball coach Andy Cannizaro: reports

Andy Cannizaro Resigns At Mississippi State

Marty they aren’t releasing what mistakes the coach made for the change! I doubt it stay under the radar long.

Rumor has it he was fired for trying to run a clean program.

technically he “resigned”

but says he made a “poor decision”

He wasn’t paying enough to his players, they were afraid if word got out, it would affect their ability bid on basketball players. :smiley:

Curious if our stellar pitching coach is targeted as the next HC (after the season, of course).

I got feedback from a close friend who graduated from MSU saying that he got caught having an affair.

No other details given.

Losing three to an in-state school did not help in this situation, but I think he would have gotten fired anyway if the rumors are true.

Nowadays when someone resigns or gets fired abruptly, sexual misbehavior towards women immediately jumps to my mind.

I also heard he did a “Bobby Petrino” without motorcycle.

USM is my alma amter and a very good baseball team!! not shocked at all by the sweep,this is all about him messing around with a former staff member form what I hear.

Apparently with a young lady who used to work in the MSU Football office when Mullen was there. She apparently joined his new staff at Florida when he moved there, but her picture was removed from their website after the story of the Baseball coach’s resignation broke.