Wow! Memphis has the #1 BB class for 2019

With the commitment from Precious Achiuwa, a 5 star 6-9 forward, Penny’s Memphis Tigers now have the #1 class in the nation. James Wiseman and Achiuwa are projected to be one and dones.

Coach K and Cal now have legit competition. In fact Cal is quickly fading to #3 in the pursuit of one and dones.

We need to renew this series. Be lot of fun.

I am suspicious of schools now due to the investigation, even more so than in the past. I honestly would have suspicions about the Hogs if they suddenly began landing 5 stars…I just do not see families and the players not taking cash.

I certainly will not say that is not a factor one way or the other, but Penny’s name has a lot of pull and Memphis is a destination place

Memphis a destination place?

It’s a basketball city for sure

For basketball.

It’s viewed as cool again after the Tubby Smith era.

Ok, I could believe that, especially for the in-city talent.

Dudley. How close was Arkansas in signing Hardaway back in the day?

I can tell you this for a fact. Penny knows how to work the system. It sure worked well for Memphis when he was a senior. Those fans over there are relentless and heartless when it comes to their basketball. Cheating wouldn’t be anything new to that program.

Make it rain


For basketball.

It’s viewed as cool again after the Tubby Smith era.

[/quote]I wonder what might happen with the Grizzlies, if the Tigers get rolling again. The Grizz have not been real good lately and with Memphis being a small market, one has to suspect that discretionary entertainment dollars could be diverted.


Grizzlies fortunes are about to change with the arrival of Ja Morant.

Pretty close. Scott Edgar thought he was going to get him.

He was crushed, but not stunned that he stayed home


It’s going to take a few years for them to get going again, but Morant will certainly be a nice start.

They need to really suck in 20 and/or 21 so Boston can have that pick go high.

Dudley, the Memphis folks wouldn’t allow Penny to leave town. He had folks around him 24/7.

With the way the NCAA has allowed LSU, Kansas, Arizona and many others to get by with paying players why not Memphis!

I seem to remember that when Cal was there, his guys had a sweet arrangement where they got on with FedEx to provide money during their time in Memphis. If it was on the up and up, that would be unusual for him. Regardless, Memphis, in my observations, is similar to the classic little brother schools (Auburn and A&M) willing to take risks to prove they are not inferior to big brother.

Sorry…but I DO NOT trust anything Penny is doing when it comes to recruiting. People may disagree with me and that is totally cool as we all have awesome and fantastic opinions. Mine, I don’t feel he is playing by the rules already! Just my opinion.

The thing about signing too many one and done’s …you have a very, very high rate of transfers who didn’t sign to ride the pine…