Wow, LSU goes 3 for 3 on Draft withdrawals

Smart, Days and Watford all returning. Bama gets back Petty and Jones. Tennessee gets back Pons in a big surprise, Missouri gets their 3 back.

Looks like Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, LSU and Tennessee will be deep teams. Kentucky and Auburn have top recruiting classes. Ole Miss, Aggies, Vandy and Missouri won’t be pushovers. SC is tough no matter who they have. That leaves Miss State, Georgia,

SEC is going to be loaded and so is College basketball based on a really high percentage of early draft entrants all announcing to come back in the last few days. Baylor and Iowa got big news today.

We are set for an exciting competitive basketball season. Let the season happen please. Please everyone follow health guidelines.

More good news for Mase?..

Yes, especially when guys like Baylor’s Jared Butler are withdrawing from the draft,


Easy decision when you KNOW going Pro will come with a paycut! :rofl:



Money now not later. College life, playing time and money to spend. What a life.

Strong ass offers paying off for now!

Those strong Xxx offers those players took to go to LSU must have more payments that are higher than what they would draw from the NBA right now! Who cares about LSU!

The NCAA sure does not seem to.

The NCAA is a joke! They will hammer the no little guy like BYU and turn their head when it comes to the bigger schools.
A blind man could do a better job from his living room and for far less money and expense.

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