Wow, let's see here

I’m exhausted.



More than a little frustrated at three hours of “rain delay” without a single drop of rain.

But I’m also elated and exhilarated.

I’m a Hog fan, which means I spent two days wondering how things were going to go wrong. And in the top of the ninth, they did. A .121 hitter drives in the go-ahead run.

But then we came through in the bottom of the ninth. Battles singles. Stovall singles. Diggs walks. Webb gets the ball in play, gets the run home and avoids the double play – which forced UNC to bring the infield in. And Slavens made them pay for it.

Hogpile on the infield! Omahogs again! Moore and Battles get DVH with the Powerade cooler! And much calling of the Hogs from those of us who stuck around for six hours.

And now I’m back at Casa SF, grateful for the hospitality of ncschwartz3650 and his UNC-fan wife, grateful that ricepig supplied the tickets for us, and grateful for those kids that wouldn’t quit this afternoon.


I’m too happy to tell you that you posted this on the basketball board, Jeff, lol.

LOL. Figures. My eyes are roasted too.

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I fixed that for you, Jeff. You are allowed. After all you were there to pull them through to the win!


I’ve been thinking about you and your eyes, how they doing?

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Healing well. He wants me to come back in September. Floaters seem to be decreased a little.

And I sure saw this:


Great job Jeff of calling them home to Omaha!


No worries, man. Just mashing your taters. Glad you were there.

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