WOW.....Kobe Bryant

Crazy, horrible news. I’d say this is without a doubt the most shocking sports related death in my lifetime (since 95). Honestly, to me, celebrity death too, in general. I’m a Lebron guy, but always loved watching Kobe play. One of the greatest to ever do it. RIP to a great, his daughter, and the others involved

Not surprising, very distasteful post already here, hopefully there won’t be anymore of that. Completely unnecessary.

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Yet another example of why Bama wins. Saban had Kobe speak to his team recently.

And, yes, poor taste bringing up the sex assault allegations. Not surprising though.


Only you would bring that up today.

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I’ve been a Laker fan all my life. At least all my life once I started loving the great game of basketball. This is the saddest I’ve been, involving sports, since it was announced Magic had HIV. I got to meet Kobe once in Las Vegas. He said a few kind words and shook my hand. So glad I have that memory.

I think we need to remember there were “others” on the chopper, not just Kobe and his daughter. As tragic as that is it isn’t any less tragic for them. It appears it was another young girl and her parents and of course the pilot who I’m sure has family and friends grieving for him/her.

I know Kobe is a sports icon and his loss is tragic but to just focus on him seems shortsighted.

I had a good friend that was on a plane with a well known person that experienced equipment issues and believed that they were going to crash. He told me that all he could think was that he would be an “other” when the story was told.

His 13 year old daughter died with him also. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this today but I know you won’t.

Arkansas assistant Clay Moser has two photos on a shelf in his office in the Basketball Performance Center of Kobe shaking hands with his two young children before a game late in his career. I know Moser sure thought a lot of him.

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I have been a Lakers fan since the Late 70’s. I got to see Kobe play in the finals against the Celtics. He was a great competitor and from all accounts a wonderful father. None of us are promised tomorrow. Praying for his family and for all those who lost love ones in the crash.

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Not a Lakers fan, never have been but a fan of the game but certainly am of the accomplishments of those that have played it for so many years. I am saddened at the loss of so many lives this morning, especially for the young children on board. RIP to all of them!

I am a tennis fan first before any other sport. I was delighted that Kobe was a tennis fan and had started playing tennis again. He has been seen at many Slam events and during the last US Open interview, he said that he wanted his daughter to excel in basketball and tennis. He was beginning to write his second book on coaching and was due to meet Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou in Australia to get his advice on the book.

As they are saying his after basketball legacy had just began.

Here are the tops Arkansas will wear pre-game:

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