WOW.....Kobe Bryant

so sad! had great respect for the man on/off the court!!

Not seeing it reported on a MAJOR site yet…hope its wrong.

Nope, there it is News site, so sad.

So sad. I might be a Celtics fan, but had so much respect for him as a player and warrior.

yes! heartbreaking!

I have met several people who knew him and all said he was a Great guy. So sad indeed.

Unbelievable, man. I’m speechless.

Shook hands with him once at a summer camp.

I had a Celtics shirt so you can guess his expression.

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I still remember the rape charges in Colorado from 2003. Lot of he said/she said, no conviction but he publicly apologized to the woman and admitted at the very least a consensual affair while he was married to Vanessa (it cost him a $4 million diamond ring to calm her down).

Now’s not the right time.

Exactly!! Hard to believe you would try to pull up something like that at a time like this…smh

Being reported his 13 yr old daughter was killed too

Smh unbelievable you can bring that up.

Apologies to those offended by an actual event.

Time and place.

Hey Swine gotta be Swine…not a dull board w Swine around. :sunglasses:

I lived in LA his entire professional career; this is just as much his legacy (to me) as any of his on-court accomplishments.

A player that has come closest to Michael Jordan so far, in terms of intensity at both ends, clutch scoring and making shots with high degree of difficulty. A stone cold competitor.

I’m a Jordan man, but Kobe was what 5 Championships and a couple of MVP’s?