Wow Kentucky fan's invented a new name for suckage

“Archie Goodwin”

You can’t imagine how much that post fills me with joy. Archie was the 1st Arkansas player to make a bad “business decision” to play for Kentucky, but Malik ain’t far behind. Neither one will Ever be an all-star. I’m pretty sure Archie is now working somewhere where he has to ask, “do you want fries with that,” and Malik’s claim to fame is being slapped in the back of the head by Jordan for being an immature idiot. Gotta love karma.

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As of a week ago, Archie signed with a team in the best basketball league in France.

I believe Archie played six to seven years in NBA.

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Archie is a cartoon character…

A little over 2 seasons then in and out between the D-League & NBA short term contracts. Been overseas the past 2 years.

The question would be “voulez-vous des frites avec ça?” He’s playing in the French basketball league for Metropolitains 92 in a Paris suburb, but might have a side gig at Le McDonald’s. French league does not pay the huge bucks; I found something that the max salary is about $300,000. Archie’s club is run by former NBA player Boris Diaw.

I’m happy KY is struggling. I don’t have an opinion on Archie, but playing for Arkansas or not, or playing 4 years of college or not, the NBA is just a tough and rough way to make a living for 99% of basketball players. Can’t fault anyone for trying to get in it when they can and do what they think they can do. Dusty put in best the other night on TV when asked how to break through in the NBA. He said (at least my interpretation) find our what you are going to be good at and what you think your role is going to be and then be the best person at that role. I thought that was good advice. Birdman comes tom mind. This idea of being a first rounder and all star is just crazy. Hell many first rounders don’t last. Where you get drafted doesn’t matter. How man years of college you play doesn’t matter. What school you go to doesn’t matter. Your role does. Sorry to hijack the thread but thought it was a side point that was appropriate.


I have a friend who is a big fan of Calamari. She always laughs at those who disparage his teams early in the year. He does seem to build his teams into competitors by mid-season.
BTW, she now lives in Mayberry (Mount Airy, NC) and loves the fact that the teams in the area play “real basketball.”

I hadn’t thought about that connection. Andy Griffith grew up in Mount Airy but I never thought about the relatively slight modification to get Mayberry,

Completely separate, but North Carolina isn’t playing high school football at all this fall. They’re going to start practice in early February, start a 7-game season Feb. 26, finish April 9 and start the playoffs the next weekend, finishing in May. It’s gonna be interesting to see what that does to recruiting when the entire season starts after signing day. You wonder if kids who sign will then opt out to avoid injury. I’d guess schools will sign people based on what they showed as underclassmen.

It’s a cool little town. When I was last there, she took me on a tour. They have old Fords decked out as Sheriff cars to drive you around. When you leave they hit the siren. They have done a lot of things to play up the Mayberry connection (Floyd’s barber shop, etc.) The town also has a huge granite quarry and the granite from there has been used in many places. (WWII memorial, Arlington Memorial Bridge, etc.) They say that there is enough granite there to be mined for 500 years.

Not sure if Archie has watched Pulp Fiction are not but in case he hasn’t Vince (John Travolta) quotes that a big mac is a la royale with cheese. … no charge fee. GHG!!!

Or possibly Samuel L. Jackson told John lol irregardless. That’s whats so good about getting older . I’ve seen it numerous times yet sometimes you’re not sure what’s going to happen next. :sunglasses: :rofl:

There is a difference between playing and polishing the pine. :grinning:

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That’s funny worldseriesofpoker…in my basketball career I was all world at polishing the pine…

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