Wow, Justice Hill to

Yes I do. Okie State is not comparable because it didn’t go through IARP. They dragged their feet three years to get to this point, but now that they’re here I think it will move pretty quickly. LSU gets to respond, then there will be a hearing. With no right of appeal.

The timeline is that LSU has 90 days to respond, which would be early June, and the NCAA Complex Case Unit has 60 days to reply, meaning August, then they schedule a hearing. Plenty of time for a final decision before Selection Sunday. And they’re not going to skate on five Level I violations including lack of institutional control, which is the biggie for the NCAA.

Ok…they won’t do anything of substance. They have had the recordings for years now and did zero. SAO was laughing at the NCAA while still cheating.

But my point was I was happy for Juice. He could have done a lot worse.

I disagree. They sat on it for three years in part because Wade wouldn’t cooperate. LSU is gonna get hammered as much as any school will get hammered these days, because two sports are involved (football too) and because of that lack of cooperation.

As far as Juice goes, I’ve known his dad forever and his grandmother and uncle Shawn even longer. But when you go play for LSU, you’ve put your flag in the enemy camp. Go anywhere else outside the SEC, fine.

I think it was planted by the Will Smith camp to change the subject from other unpleasantries. Probably doing similar things on other sports boards across the net.

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Why does he need to cooperate when he’s on tape??? Just like in court, the defendant doesn’t have to testify to be found guilty or innocent.

Penny hooked up Wiseman how long ago and its been crickets since the other day. Penny told everyone that he was taking care of Wiseman…nothing happens.

He gonna try smack everyone else?

There is no one he can smack, any harder than he just smacked his own image, and future earnings.

These sanctions are for basketball only, not football right?

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