Wow, just wow!

We will see how good UConn is as the year goes on, but dang, we treated them like a Rent a Win!!!

VERY impressive.

I am liking this team more and more!

We need the teams we have played to win a lot of games. Especially UConn. We won’t know too much about our hogs for another month or so but they are way ahead of last years team at this point.

All I know about UConn is that they were 4-1, same as us, heading into this game. Like you, I have no idea who they’ve beaten or if they’re any good, but today’s win was impressive. We’ve now beaten Samford, Bucknell, OU, & UConn. Only loss to the defending NC. I like this team.

Comments: I think UConn is in the AAC along with Cincinnati they pickup several transfers they also have several 6’10 or taller guys, Ollie will have these guys playing and back in the dance. He won a national title before