Wow...John Beilein leaving Michigan

Looks like he’s the new coach of the (NBA) Cavs.

That is a wow! Good luck with that.

Unless it is about money, you have to admire the guy for wanting to prove himself at the highest level of the sport.

However, I have to admit that he did not appear to be that kind of a guy. So, it a wow for sure.

Good for him. I typically enjoyed watching his Michigan teams and the way they spread the floor on offense, attacked with pick-and-rolls and planted shooters in the corners. Collin Sexton will be a fine NBA player with more experience. And, Cleveland could hit the jackpot with the lottery tomorrow.

I may be wrong but wasn’t Beilein one of the other top candidates when Stan Heath was hired?

I am sure the lawsuit with Coach Richardson (it may have only been rumored at that point) was a consideration in the hiring but the benefit of hindsight strongly suggests that we totally botched that hire (along with Self) if I am remembering correctly. Coach Beilein is a great coach and a lot more relatable to the players than I certainly realized at the time.

NBA is such a different world, but so sexy… good luck with the move.

I don’t think we were actually considering Beilein at the time. What I remember is that Arkansas and West Virginia were both trying to get Stan Heath. He picked us and so West Virginia had to “settle” for Beilein as their second choice.

Kinkeshi I think you are right. I went back and found a list of “coaches in / out” for that season and Beilein was listed as going from Richmond to West Virginia. Maybe I just recalled that Beilein was lobbying for our coaching job as it appears we were the top position open at that time.

Regardless, he was available and would have been a great hire but I can understand why we didn’t choose him. Coach Heath was certainly a rising star with the Izzo connection.

NBA or NFL means more money and no recruiting. The no recruiting part is huge.

As a college hoops junkie this sucks. Beliein and his Michigan teams were some of the most fun to watch, even if they did play at a snails pace at times.

Absolutely. Ask Sidney Moncrief and Corliss Williamson.

Do you think colleges will eventually go to the pro format by having a General Manager who recruits players and handles their logistics and the coach simply coaches basketball.

Do you see Nick Saban or Coach K letting someone else pick the ingredients, but still be expected to prepare the meal?

I don’t think Saban will. I do think Coach K will. He has talked about the rigors of recruiting implying he didn’t enjoy it.

Football coaches tend to be a little more control-freakish than basketball coaches. There are plenty of NFL coaches who think they should be their own GM. And Saban is the control freak of all control freaks.