Wow Javon Franklin!!!!

I really hope we get him

I think we do! ghg

I hope we get him too!

I like Bramah better unless Javon finely has proved he can dribble drive and shoot. He always could fly so that alone doesn’t make him a better product than he was in highschool

I have not seen enough of AJ yet to make that distinction between him and Javon.

I do know that Javon has improved and do plan to go see him play in the near future.

I’ve always thought that Javon was the 2nd best recruit in his class to only Gafford. It’s such a shame he didn’t keep his grades up. He would have made this Hogs team so much better if he were returning with Gafford as a Sophomore. I really hope we get him in here with the 2019 class.

Very nice highlight tape, but I learn more from watching a full game.

He looks pretty good.

Yes sir Dudley but what like most about his game is the fact that he’s 6’8 with guard skills combined with supreme athleticism that height and skill set is something we haven’t had at the three since Sonny Weems

Based on Bramah’s highlight tape and stats and what I’ve seen of Franklin (and his stats), they are 2 very different players. Both very good BB players. I don’t think it’s an either/or situation between the 2 players. I’d guess, with Mike, it will come down to which skill set does the team most need in 2019.

Bramah is much more of a true SF and Javon is more of an undersized PF, but a very good one. Franklin is one of the quickest leapers I’ve seen. As a freshman JUCO, he’s 15th in the country in blocked shots at 2.5 PG. Bramah definitely has a better outside shot, as Franklin basically never attempts a 3. However, Javon recognizes his offensive deficiencies as he’s also top 20 nationally with 63.2% FGs. Defensively, Franklin certainly has the edge and offensively Bramah certainly has the edge in shooting and ball handling. Frankly, it would be cool if we have enough openings in 2019 to take both players.

Personally I’m hoping we get the 6’9 kick we just offered and Bramah plus Justice Hill those three would fit seamlessly into system a big man that can shoot the three and a small forward who is a mismatch for defenders, hill who is an all around guard… Javon is just too questionable kinda like Adrio too small for power forward but not skilled enough to play the three

Nice find. I’d take that kid in a heartbeat. Are we recruiting him? What are our chances. I saw javon play in high school a number of times. A high flyer and hard worker but couldn’t handle the ball nearly that well and his outside shot wasn’t that good. But he’s probably improved as Dudley said. That kid though fits our system well.

Arkansas has offered AJ, but he also is not signing until the spring.

I’ll have stories on Javon (Thursday) and AJ soon.

I’m thinking that if we add Doudou and either Franklin or Braham Mike might have his most talented team since he has been here.

I agree ten fold