Grand slam! Didn’t know he had it in him!

Fastest home run trot ever!

Yes. I thought it was a nice little bloop GS HR over that right fielder. :smiley:

sweet!! never expected that!

He was really excited. What a great time hit your first career homer. The grand slam! It also gave us some insurance runs! The long ball saved the hogs today!
Great pitching too

The young man muscled up at the perfect time!

I went from wondering if there was an injury (because it made no sense to PH for Bonfield and bring a LH PH vs a LHP) to being as happy as you can be for a kid.

You can see why his teammates love him.

The pinch hit was because he ran for Bonfield in the 8th so he had to bat and played First in the 9th.


Wilson was brought in as a pinch-runner for Bonfield after he walked in the seventh. I was surprised they kept him there for that at-bat. I thought they might go to Lee or McFarland.

Ok. I didn’t notice we pinch ran. Must have been when I stepped out.

Said he hit 15 HR’s in junior college, maybe this will kickstart something?

I was thinking “Bases loaded and two outs, here we go again” Then, “Boom”. That was fun to watch.