Wow Hayden Johnson!!!

Handling Sycamore logs with ease. He earned the nickname of Half-Ton Hayden.

I’m hearing his lifting and speed numbers are increasing weekly. In late March, his numbers were 340 in power clean, 350 bench and 430 squat so no telling what they are now. Oh, he’s got a 4.0 in the classroom too.
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I wish I could get my step son to get out (get off the couch and away from the AC and TV he likes) and work that hard on the farm to help me sometimes. Hayden would be a big help picking up square bales behind the baler in the field, picking up cross ties and setting them the hole for a new fence corner posts and general farm work. I dont think many kids these days know much about farm labor anymore. His dad is lucky to have him out there helping him clear land and burn bush piles. I really like pictures like this Richard.

I have a large farm myself. Ain’t no way I’d be working the hay field or putting up a fence row and have one of my boys riding the couch in the AC. Nope, not me. Mine get tired of me telling them about how it was back in the day, but they’ll tell their kids the same sort of stuff.

Might start with unplugging the tv and turning off the AC.

Remember I said he was a stepson and not my son. He was about 17 when I married his mother, so he was raised by his father and not me. Anytime I have really got on him, then she gets in the picture and it gets worse (on me) dealing with her for the next few days after the event. What I have found that works is to tell him he cant ride any of the four wheelers. That gets to him and will get me some help with whatever I need him to do to help me around the place.

Any of the 4-wheelers? I’m guessing Fuzzy has a collection of off-road vehicles that would motivate any youngster to do a little yard work. Fuzzy also has cool places to ride them. I’ve seen it. Watch out for the goats.

That reminds me Clay Henry - Famous Beer-Drinking Dead Goat

Yep Fuzzy, that does make a huge difference. Most kids these days don’t have a clue about manual labor. That’s a tough deal, you got to him a little late to have much of an effect on his work ethic. Best of luck.

I agree, these kids these day don’t do things like that anymore

A Goat named Clay Henry; is this board starting over? :shock:

That’s a funny one Marty! Next thing we know someone will bring up the publisher’s California indulgence of Quiche and Chardonnay.

Many kids today do not have a clue about working like that. Sad but true. Technology has helped create great advancements but unfortunately has also caused great declines in other areas.

I’m having the same issues with my 14 yr old grandson who is visiting for the summer. His day consists of getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, getting on the I-pad, eating lunch, back to I-pad, finally taking a shower and changing from his PJ’s (about 5:00 PM), more I-pad, dinner, More I-pad, go to bed. All I-pad time spent horizontal on couch. He probably doesn’t speak 20 words a day to us. We never let him leave the table until we have finished eating and having one-sided conversations with him…he’ pissed because we are cutting into his I-pad time.
I have offered to pay for tennis lessons, Karate, golf lessons, basketball camp or anything else that would get him off his butt but his Mom (former daughter-in-law) will not make him do anything. I’m retired & play golf 5 times a week & cannot get him to go with me. I think it may be time for military school. My advice to parents or grandparents…never buy a child an I-pad.

A Goat named Clay Henry; is this board starting over? :shock:

That’s a funny one Marty! Next thing we know someone will bring up the publisher’s California indulgence of Quiche and Chardonnay.

RIP - Famous Beer Drinking, Dead Goat.

KL Hog that grandson in a way sounds like the kid I see on the TV commercial that calls his grandmothers land line on his cell phone while he is setting on the couch in den, then in the background you see his grandmother on a walker making her way slowly to the land line, answering it and the boy ask her to bring him another grape soda.

I’m 53 and my mom didn’t play around when raising me and my four sisters as a single mom. She loved us to the upmost, but didn’t baby us. She was especially that way towards me because she didn’t want me to be soft being the lone male in the family. I praise God because she was tough on me.

She was hard on me because she tried to be a mother and father. I think too many of my generation are too easy on their kids because they thought their parents were too hard on them. Sadly, I thought we’ve regressed.