Wow got a huge break there!

We were very close to blowing great start. Glad we got a break you just got to take advantage of those opportunities.

Sometimes you need a break like that.

I’ve had some thoughts about this team for a few weeks. Maybe I’ll share them tomorrow since I work tonight. That play by TT fits into that thought pattern.

It was a huge break! Glad to get 2 runs. The big thing that came out of the that 1/2 inning is a huge strike zone. That will bold well for Murphy.

A tremendous break. Breaks are an important ingredient in winning. Regardless, it gives us a big 2 run start. We seem to be hitting this pitcher pretty well. Maybe we can chase him early. Now we need Kacey to give us a good start on the mound.

Well damn. Now we commit an error.

If I was Tech I’d be bunting again, even with a guy hitting almost .400. Hope they pay for that decision.

Got the runner to third, which a bunt would have done. But no farther.

Well, we dodged a bit of a bullet in that 1st inning. Now we need to pour on some more runs. And as I type this here comes Jared Gates. Yard!

When you commit an error on a bunt and get out of an inning like that with runners on the corners you are doing something right! Great job by Murphy.
Now bottom 2 we get lucky with Heston’s catch and the caught stealing

Great call by the ump on the caught stealing

The umpire was watching the ball and was able to see the tag and the runners feet!

We need to solve that pitcher. He has some wicked stuff.

Sometimes it’s who makes the lest mistakes.

Absolutely, especially in college baseball. These guys are really good, but they’re not pros.

Now we need to get some more runs.

Yeah, but at least we have a 3 run lead. He’s made a couple of mistakes & he’s up to near 50 pitches now. If we get a couple on base to start this inning, we might get him out & see what their BP’s got.

I’m thinking they might go with Kilian if this guy goes out. Tadlock might think it’s worth it to try to stay in the winners bracket.

With Fletcher’s homer and Shaddy’s walk the TT bull pen is getting warm. Could this be a big inning?

TTu’s Martin seems up & down here. At least we make him pay for those few mistakes (Gates & Fletch).
Murphy settling in & holding his own now after Hyrstad’s great play in left.
We in the drivers seat with 4 run lead.

It’s not Killian getting loose

It’s great to have this 5 run lead. Just need to keep our foot on the gas. And keep them off the scoreboard.