WOW! Gabe got a waiver

Immediately eligible. HOW?

NCAA is a Joke.

Ridiculous. Their vetting process for granting waivers is ridiculous.

All true. I’m still happy for Gabe. Kid gave his all for 2 years as a Razorback.

I would think the fact that he was dismissed from the team and had to transfer played a part.

So if Connor had engaged in some sort of bad behavior and was dismissed from the Cal Bears, he would be eligible now? This is really messed up.

What a complete joke! This is equal to the way coaches continue to be on the sideline while involved in the FBI scam and other deeds of misconduct.
I guess there isn’t a set of rules to follow just the color of the day!

In my opinion the reason for this injustice is that I am betting that the Cal AD did not agree with the waiver. But in Gabe’s case, Yuracheck did not object to the waiver.

It was revealed this year that NCAA seeks approval of the previous school. I think that is the reason for waiver approval looking random.

The Cal AD was fine with Vanover’s transfer and request for a waiver because of the coach being let go.

So it makes no sense to me.

Huggy bear

We should sue the NCAA in court for discrimination. Clearly they have discriminated against the very tall. Nobody over 7’2" had their waiver approved. :grinning:

The NCAA a joke? Nothing new there…

This is kinda wierd DD, RD had a post here a few days after the denial and stated the Cal and the AD did Conner and Arkansas no favors in this process. I took it clearly as they had kinda blocked it or whatever you want to call it

And that is why I said Cal AD had blocked it.

pj i was agreeing with you, i had read that on here, ill go back and read but i quoted DD i thought he said AD and Cal had nothing to do with it where as RD I thought meant Cal and the Cal A D didn’t help the situation

Richard and I may be get conflicting stories from different people.

We’ll compare notes and I’ll stand down if the two guys I talked to inside the program are wrong or I didn’t understand right

This means Gabe will go up against Anderson and his St. John’s team on December 7 in the Madison Square Garden.

Watching Shea Patterson play for Michigan. He was given a waver for no other reason than he was a high profile QB. The hypocrisy of the NCAA is unbelievable. Well maybe not. :flushed: