Wow, dumb coaching

LSU just took out their reliever who threw a perfect pitch with one out and a guy on first to a left handed batter who hit the ball just where a normal 2nd baseman should be sitting (would have been a perfect double play ball), except the coaches had the 2nd baseman cheating toward second…not the SS. Well, you should never do that with a left handed batter, except LSU did it…and now, they have runners on first and second with one out…and they decided to take out their reliever who threw perfectly.

Oh well, not all can be Razorbacks.

Doesn’t bother me one bit! I hope LSU loses!
Don’t care if they are an SEC team. Can’t stand them.
Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they all lose.
I’m all Razorbacks!

Notice in the bottom of the eighth, with nearly the same situation, FSU had it’s SS cheating toward second as the left handed batter hit the ball up the middle - then fielded by FSu’s SS for a double play.

…better coaching.

Sorry LSU.