Wow, doggone wow. We are out of EXPN FPI

pretty crazy why we are out and some are in and ranked. Incredulous.

Yeesh. Well, winning will take care of that. It’s good fodder for the week.

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Ole Miss #7, and has beaten: Troy, UCA, Georgia Tech.

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That’s a terrible indicator of the top 25 teams. I give that almost zero credibility. Nine or ten of those teams have a loss already.


Yeah, that’s a computer generated poll that’s frequently out of whack with the AP & coaches polls, especially early in the season.

Wow. Just wow.

Cincinnati ranked #23 after a loss to us, with a blowout of Kennesaw St and a victory over Miami (of Ohio) who they trailed by 10 in the first half (sound familiar?).

Notre Dame in at #25 after losing to Ohio St (respectably), but then also losing to Marshall and nearly losing to Cal???

Wisconsin is at #20 having lost to horrible Washington State at HOME.

I’m not convinced that we’re #10 in the country. But not sure how any metric has us below any of those 3.

I’ll borrow from an Elvis Costello song, that stuff is less than zero… I am actually offended because Mo State will make noise in the FCS playoffs and is a legitimate opponent.

Why would any poll other than the coaches poll be looked at?

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