WOW Creighton vs Michigan a must see finish!!!

Tuned in right after the Razorbacks won and found the game
in the top of the 9th with Michigan up 7-4 and Creighton at
the plate.

So far Creighton has plated 7 runs to have a lead of 11-7 and
they are still batting!!

Creighton looking to force a Monday playoff game.

Michigan Meltdown on the equal of calling a time out when you got none!!

Epic meltdown by Michigan but what a win for Creighton!

That was certainly a Webber-esque finish by Michigan, but I have no doubt Creighton was the one applying the pressure to create the situation. Look forward to watching them play again tomorrow.

I will be watching! I also hope UCLA goes down at home tonight. LMU needs to get some form of miracle out of body experience tonight from m some pitchers to pull it off!