Wow, Clemson!

What a game!

The confidence just amazes me. To keep your cool and believe in yourself in those situations.

Obviously these teams are much more talented than Arkansas. But it leaves me with the feeling that the biggest challenge Sam Pittman has to conquer is instilling some belief in this roster.

We need to recruit, we need to get more talent, but to be a winning football team - the players gotta believe.

Glad Ohio State lost, just never have liked them since Woody Hays was the coach! Tigers vs Tigers ought to be heck of a game!

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How long until Chad Morris claims some type of credit for tonight’s game?

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He will have a framed, photoshopped picture of he and Trevor Lawrence hung in the auburn weight room by Monday.

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Glad Hill and his father didn’t get to lick another NC trophy… that said, he certainly made the right decision and became OSU’s all-time leading receiver.

It was a bidding war between Bama and OSU and OSU won.

Looks like a pretty good return on investment for The OSU…

I wanted OSU to win Only to watch Joe Burrows spank OSU over and over and over and over …