Wow . . . Bobby Knight blasts UCLA, John Wooden

(I'm putting this in both Basketball and Recruiting forums, because it deals with both subjects)

Appearing on Joe Buck’s "Undeniable"interview series (available only on DirecTV’s private Access Channel), former Indiana Basketball coach Bobby Knight minced no words in saying that he had “no respect” for iconic UCLA coach John Wooden.

Here is the article, which includes a brief video clip. … 843210001/

Wiz, what are the Cliff Notes? Just curious given the title but I don’t have the time to check out the link right now. What did you think of the article?

Thank you.

When I saw the link, I pretty much guessed what Knight’s issue was, and I was correct. UCLA built its dynasty on the back of superbooster Sam Gilbert, who essentially took care of the entire Bruin roster financially, arranged abortions for players’ girlfriends, etc. Wooden had to know about it, but looked the other way. Say what you want about Knight’s coaching methods, personality, misogyny, etc., but the man was a stickler for NCAA rule compliance. Never a sniff of trouble in his career.

Wow… Thank you very much for the breakdown SW. I did not know about the darkside to Wooden’s Dynasty run… Damn. I will read the link later tonight.

I appreciate your posts, thanks again.

I miss Bobby Knight’s commentary on ESPN. I’ve always admired the man from a good safe distance.

Don’t care much for CBK. l doubt that UCLA program was not much different from any other program when it came to that stuff. CJW just knew how to win. CBK needs to get over being bitter and enjoy life.

I thought Knight contradicted himself on wooden a few times.

I don’t like Wooden
I respect him as a coach
I like him personally

Knight is a bully even at 77.

Broyles called him during a coaching search and he suggested Bob Donewald .

I worked executive protection details with Coach Knight several times while his son was coaching at Lamar. He absolutely wanted to be left alone by fans. We had officers around him to ensure this. He rarely acknowledged the officers on detail, and his behavior could often be described as straight up rude. His wife was very nice, and Pat was a great guy.

I’m not a fan. He may have been compliant, but seemed to have serious issues managing his anger