Wow... Bob Marley

Has risen from the dead and plays point for UCLA. Who knew?

Get Up, Stand Up.

Jammin’ in the name of the Lord! I wanna Jam it wid you.

And his name is Tyger. For reals

Ambush in the Night…

I’m not sure what he was channeling with that hairstyle but it just got him to the Final Four!

He looks more like Sideshow Bob to me, but he’s a gamer. I guess UCLA really does belong in this dance.

I had a new neighbor move in several years ago and went over to introduce myself. His den had poster after poster of Marley’s touring all signed with messaging on each one. Countless pictures of Marley on a personal/professional level. Turns out, he is Marley’s cousin and they grew up next door to one another. Sadly, a real loss of talent.

I know that kid and he is not what he looks like if I read into the original OP, he was around CPA and loved being here. I saw Drew Maddux before the Mich game and asked if he was in contact with Tyger, big smile and he says always with his kids. Tyger transferred in for 2 years and was a campus joy, big fan of our football team and showed it in the student section. Great kid. I am always hopeful for and AR connection when one our D1 talents is being recruited and we had had plenty for a school that graduates 60 males and 60 females in a class. Tyger did not graduate CPA but he was a CPA kid to all who knew him. He has my rooting interest but I also hope for Gonzaga to go undefeated for the year.

What is Tyger’s Arkansas connection and what is CPA?

I think he is referencing Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville. Ray lives in the Nashville area.

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