Wow Board is quite

Everyone in Atlanta?

I’ve been here posting and writing stories.

Give it a couple of weeks

Bluegrass…just post a glowing report on Coach Morris and and you’ll get a certain board member to rip him. Then there will be lots of posts.

What do you think?

Yes DD has been very active posting stories and i want to say Thanks!

Quite, quiet?

It’s July, several people are on vacation and there are no games being played. It is always quiet this time of year relative when things are in swing.

This board just never has been as good as the Hawgsillustrated board. We lost a bunch of posters who never came over here. The coverage, writing and stories are even better than HI, but we lost some guys who were really fun posters. Nothing stays the same in life.

Ok I think Coach Morris May be a reincarnation of JFB only this time he wins the 6Dec 1969 game that effectively took the fire out of JFB

Is that good enough?

Oh yeah that right

Yes and greatly appreciated DD

Vacation - wish that was me

Heading to Montreat NC 6-10 Aug

Thanks for the note Matt