Wow aTm beat Florida to advance...

Playing Arkansas in the final. aTm won when a Florida header went awry and into their own goal.

Tough loss.

:o :o

It would be really neat for the hogs to win the Socer tournament.
The hogs got a little passive when they gave up the goal to Vandy.
I’m always glad when Florida gets beat in any sport !

Making it this far is an impressive accomplishment for our young team. Would love to see them win the tourney. Also enjoy seeing the arrogant gator nation lose in anything.

Agree 100%. It has been a great tournament for the soccer

I spoke to Colby Hale last night and will have some of his thoughts on the site later today or tomorrow. He thinks their run this week has clinched an NCAA Tournament berth. Beating South Carolina will get the committee’s attention, he said.

Regular season results obviously don’t mean much now, but Hogs only lost 2-1 to TAM at College Station. So it wasn’t a huge mismatch.

Here are Colby Hale’s thoughts going into the championship game: … sec-title/