WOW!! 3 run walk-off shot for MSU to beat Free Shoes!!

WOW!! FSU down to the last strike and the guy hammers a 3 shot HR
for a MSU walk off that eliminates national seed Free Shoe U!!

Elijah MacNamee the hero for MSU in the bottom of the 9th.


Love this time of the year!!

Where’s ESPN’s outrage about allowing a guy to throw 130-plus pitches sandwiched around a 2.5 hour rain delay? It’s easy to second-guess, but I was questioning when they went to that game and saw how many pitches he had already thrown. I figured for sure the all-time leading wins coach would go get him after he put the tying run on base. Oh well. Go MSU.

yeah couldn’t believe they brought him back out win or lose.

At first watching him pitch with 120+ I was thinking what the hell was Martin doing. In hindsight, that pitcher had done that multiple time and watching him he still had good command and 92mph on his heat. It was just a good guess on what was coming by the hitter. I think the pitching was fine.

Yeah, so fine he gave up a three-run no-doubter to end the season. He may have thrown that many pitches in the past, but the 2.5-hour rain delay changes that.

That’s the last coaching decision of Mike Martin’s career: Leaving the guy in after the long rain delay. Two walks, then grooved one to MacNamee.

I hate it that that’s the way he went out. He’ll never forget it.

He had a long career in coaching! Florida State goes down at home! I really didn’t care for either team. If there is a silver lining maybe Moo U can get beat tomorrow.

LMAO…if his pitcher strikes out the side, “that’s why he’s a Hall of Fame coach!” After the game is over, it’s easy! :smiley:

we saw both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

I questioned it before the tying run reached first. Maybe it wasn’t a horrible idea to trot him out there, but it was a mistake to leave him out there. Would you want Knight to sit for 2.5 hours, throw more than 100 pitches in the first eight innings and send him back out and stay with him when it’s obvious he’s struggling? You and everybody on this board would be all over DVH.

Send him out and he walks one go to your closer that should be ready… Martin and all that FSU talent and they couldn’t win the big one for him ever.

and State was in the 3rd base dugout… … walk-homer

SEC looking to represent in Omaha

I’m not much at criticizing coach’s decisions, especially DVH. Just sayin’, it ain’t easy :wink:

What if the reliever comes in and gives up the shot? Then you say the starter was pitching a shutout, bad move!

I did complain the Dodger manager “over-managed” in the series last year, but whatta I know? :sunglasses:

I’m not much into criticizing coaching decisions, either. That’s true even if the critics criticized it in advance. We just don’t have all the info the coach has. No one knows how the next pitch will turn out. Had he struck the batter out, the coach would’ve been brilliant to have kept him in. Since he didn’t, we know it was mistake.

Regardless, I hate it for the FSU coach. He’s a nice guy who has earned legendary status. It’s a shame his career ended the way it did.