Wow! 2023 #1 draft pick?

Did anyone watch this game last night? Victor Wembanyama from France. In all probability, most skilled 18 year old I have ever seen. Just outrageous skills. Only thing he lacks is some weight and muscles. 7 feet 2, but just 210 lbs.

Granted it was a video about Wembanyama and Henderson… both projected to be #1 and #2 respectively in the 2023 NBA draft.

Still towards the end they showed a Top 10 Projected Mock Draft and noticed Arkansas was represented!! Nick Smith coming in at #4 (3rd rated PG or 2nd rated SG)

Yeah, he’s been the projected #1 draft pick in his class for the last couple years. He would probably start on any team in the NBA right now. By the way, in this article he’s listed at 7’5". He also looks like that’s correct.

Good to see Nick still listed as the first college player drafted. Amen Thompson, the 3rd listed draft pick is a year older than Nick. This will be his 2nd year with Overtime Elite.

Every draft I have seen has Nick near the top. I think he could have skipped college.

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