Wow! #2

Im tied at #2 on ESPN Aboard Muss the bus group. WPS


GO man go!!

First post in 7 months…

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You stole my post !! I was going to start a thread with WOW !

Hog basketball is back. Somebody else said it, but this afternoon before I left the office to head home and watch the game, I was thinking back to that UCLA game in 1978…felt eerily similar.

Unbelievable – beating two #1 teams in 45 days!!! are they 18-3 or 19-3 at this point ?

I’m older and a realist, my youthful optimism has been tempered. I was thrilled with the season and not expecting this – called and told my son who was not alive in the 1990s run but infected now with all that youthful optimism, it’s all gravy now, so don’t be sad and upset when they lose, been a great season.


And finally, just got to do some good-natured ribbing, but where are our beloved complainers who were so loud after the New Mexico State game ? Surely there’s something to complain about in this game, something that was wrong? Maybe complain because it was so close and Hogs could have won by 10 ? Come on, we love you, let us hear some whining or doom and gloom forecasts about something !!!:joy::joy::joy:


@hawgindaslough call them out brother! :joy:

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I’m right behind you, I am sitting in 2,500,000 place! :grinning:

Ok I’ll do it. Dang it JD why foul on the 3 pt shot with only few secs left. We would have won by 3 more points. Lol good game JD.

It’s all gravy from here on out. In fact, I considered our trip to the sweet 16 the measure of a successful season. Winning tonight was just unexpected pleasure. If we somehow win Saturday to get to the FF, this season will have exceeded my wildest expectations. Beyond that…well, it starts getting into dream world.

Having said that, I think we’re fully capable of winning it all. We won’t face tougher competition than we faced tonight.


I have no problem complaining when the team is doing bad just like I have no problem cheering them on just as loudly. That’s the reality of sports! Going to be a lot of highs and lows. Always blows me away that people get on to fans who complain when the team is playing bad as if they’re not good fans or something LOL. The key is to be just as loud and enthusiastic when they do good. There were several highs and lows in tonight’s game just like there will be highs and lows in Saturday’s game. Just part of sports just like riding a roller coaster a lot of ups and downs.

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