Wouldn't you like to know how much money it took for MissState.................

…to get Reggie Perry to flip from us to them? I know that it all can be hidden and channeled through intermediaries so, unless somebody gets mad and fesses up, nothing can be proved. Despite the FBI exposing the tip of the dirty business that is college basketball, I don’t think it will go away. I also know, even though I don’t think we compete in the big bucks competition, we do as much as we can safely do to “help” our players too. Cam Newton’s father stating “he was not going to come cheap this time” when he was re-recruited after getting kicked out of Florida and the money runner testifying that it was a $200,000 payment that made the deal work for Auburn, all of that information was interesting in a sick, sordid, way. I just wonder what the going rate is for a power forward like Reggie Perry? His family defended him for a while on social media saying he was not going to be “slave labor” for any program. When they say stuff like that and walk around with dollar signs on their tee shirts supporting their high school star, not his team, and they say it was “a business decision” how can anyone deny that big bucks are changing hands? I know the sports reporters can’t get involved in this speculation, but I just wonder what kind of money is involved? I don’t think the FBI or the NCAA can ever stop it. There is just too much money to be made in college basketball for it to not “find a way” to channel that money to where the money makers want it to be. JMVVVVHO.

Speaking of Reggie Perry, MS ST may not have got their money’s worth. It’s just 2 games, but Reggie’s 8th in minutes played so far. Averaging 6 ppg, 2.5 boards, and 3 TOs. If he expects to be a one-and-done, he needs to kick it in gear pretty quick. The way Adrio is playing, Reggie probably wouldn’t be starting here either, but he sure would have helped our 2nd wave coming off the bench.

i think i read somewhere, where someone asked cleveland at a game he was recruiting a guy about perry, and he just shook his head and said we don’t play that game.

no doubt in my mind mississippi state cheats in basketball. ben howland has been busted before at ucla. he’s about as clean as bruce pearl or calipari. all of their teams they have coached have been busted, pearl had to sit out a couple of years. sad we have to compete with that.

perry would have helped us, and would probably getting more playing time here than there.

I don’t know if money was involved, but I just found Perry going to MSU strange. Other than his dad playing there, there was no logical reason for him to go there. He first committed here knowing and accepting the style of ball we play. When he decommitted and stated staying close to home was a key part because of his family, I though Florida State was a perfect fit for him. It was close to home for him and their coach runs a similar system to what we run. It just didn’t make sense.

If money is added to it, does it make sad sense then?


Anyone that keeps up even a little with college basketball knew their were folks paying for recruits. Pretty much common knowledge. But the amount of money changing hands (per the FBI investigation) blew me away. Dirty is not a good enough adjective to describe this mess.

I appreciate Mike not playing that game.

It’s over and he’s at Miss State and not doing to stellar yet. If money was involved, one day we’ll probably find out.

I was told by someone very close to the situation that Reggie and his folks got some cash. They ask us to counter and we said no thanks.

The kid played AAU ball with Isiah Joe, Sills, Henderson and Justice Hill since around the 6th grade but he doesn’t want to go to college with them???

Its easy to see what happened.

I’m pretty sure Miss St is an Adidas school also.

Correct. Moo U is Adida$.

We were pretty much coming right out and accusing Perry’s mom of shopping him to the highest bidder on Twitter. Trolling, to be sure, but also probably true.

I wonder if the cash stopped flowing when all of the scandal went public? Probably not, just more deeply under the table.

If all this is true and a Razorback asst coach all but confirmed it, why wouldn’t Mike turn that in to the NCAA?

Or, has he turned this in to the NCAA and/or the SEC? (I HOPE!)

Greenberg is super shady.

Greenberg was paid by Adidas to go to Europe and coach at their big event. One of his players, there, was Reggie Perry.

https://news.adidas.com/US/images-and-v … d9d4146729

While there, Perry flipped. Shortly thereafter, Greenberg tweeted about it being the right decision.

https://twitter.com/sethonhoops/status/ … 43937?s=21

MSU is an Adidas school.

(Greenberg’s Adidas buddy who was just convicted)
https://www.oregonlive.com/business/ind … tto_f.html

(Same Adidas buddy he was hyping was just convicted)

https://www.courier-journal.com/story/s … 741016002/

(Greenberg formerly pumping up his Adidas buddy who was just convicted)
https://twitter.com/sethonhoops/status/ … 72256?s=21

(Greenberg surrounded himself with shady characters as a HC)
COLLEGE Basketball (2014)
Out Of Power: How D.C.'s most prominent AAU leader landed in jail
https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2 … rug-arrest

“Malone grew the program to 17 teams with dozens of coaches. Former Assault coach Eric Skeeters, now an assistant at George Mason, says that Malone made a phone call to Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg that changed his career. Says Skeeters, “[Malone] said he told Seth Greenberg, ‘You can get whatever you want, whatever you need from our program.’” Two days later Skeeters flew to Blacksburg to interview with Greenberg. He was offered the job on the spot, and he accepted. “Eric did a great job in the interview and Curtis’s call had an impact,” says Greenberg. “Recruiting is about relationships.” Malone followed through, as Assault forward Deron Washington, one of three Virginia Tech players drafted since 1999, soon committed to the Hokies. “Curt was a businessman,” Skeeters says. “He understood the business of basketball.””

All will be mute unless the NCAA gets its hands on some really credible stuff from the Feds which actually implicates coaches & programs 1st hand. Then trusting the NCAA to roll the dice accross the board if 1, 2, or more high profile programs are involved.
At some point when the FBI case is finished & all legalities settled, their records can be released to the media & public, including what was supplied to the NCAA. But that may be a few years down the road.

I only care as a slight curiosity. If player and family are dirty and lack character then good that they are not part of our program. We may never know if he would have helped, but to me it does not matter. I hope CMA continues to do things the right way.

Dirty $$$$ in college recruiting for certain!
Does Anyone that knows Perry family know how the health situation with his father is going? If I remember correctly, his dads health issues were a key contributor to his decision to decommit from Arkansas so he could attend games and be closer to treatment centers.
Karma has a way of leveling things out in the long term.

I would be willing to bet that Archie Goodwin wishes now that he would have made a different business decision years ago and signed with the Hogs instead of risking the one and done situation at Kentucky.
He wasn’t ready for the NBA after one year in in college and was t going to probably start if he stayed for a second year and look and what that decision has done to his career. G-League for most of his career. Could have been a Razorback legend possibly and beloved by his home state, not the case now!

Go Hogs!

My research shows Mr. Business Decision has made over 5 million so far. So I doubt if he feels he made a wrong decision For him it was always about the money.

Also…the 5 million only covers his NBA salary. His payment from KY are unreported at this time. :shock:

Archie is the one that I heard had dozens of his family and friends at his games wearing tee shirts with his name and dollar signs on them supporting him and nothing about his team. Does anyone know if THAT urban legend was true?

Archie Goodwins initial contract from the Phoenix Suns is now done and that’s where he made the $5 million and since that he has earned $59,000 -$95,000 for several different teams G-League affiliates.
His big money making opportunities are in the rear view mirror at such an early age in what possibly could have been a better career path had he and those near to him not been in such a rush to get paid.
His game and his physical frame was in no way prepared to enter the NBA and his career stats bear that out.
Hope those in charge of those dollars made early have made better decisions with that than they did with the career decision path they encouraged him to take, but I would doubt it.

Go Hogs!

The FBI shouldn’t be involved. It is not a criminal matter. It is a civil matter within the NCAA and member colleges. They make the rules and can punish colleges that violate the rules. Political busy bodies like the FBI, sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong, should stay out of it.