Wouldn't shock me if Morris

Just gonna throw this out here: his post probably was more about Elmo’s non-stop attitude than the content. Combine that with his far-leaning stance on Coach Morris, and I can see where he is coming from. He’s not telling him he can’t post his skepticism/criticism, but, rather, to cool the jets a little. FWIW…

Matt are you talking about the Smith who has been on staff ?

I am talking about Mark Smith, who has been on staff since shortly after Morris was hired and was the recruiting director at SMU.

I certainly get what you are saying, but this is a poster that posted continuously about how great Bielema was. He was like Elmo, but his feelings were VERY positive for the last coach and he let you know about it all the time… much like I shared my negative thoughts about Bielema quite a bit as well!

I just think when you’ve been a frequent poster and had a strong position about a coach it’s not a great look to tell others to limit their posting. I also have noted on this board if you are a frequent poster you only get told to “give it a rest”if you are perceived as being negative or a hater. Unbridled optimists with high post counts are never told to “give it a rest.”

I think passionate posters of all persuasions should be encouraged to share their opinions as often as they want.

You can hold an unpopular or contrary opinion without irritating the rest of the posters. Or you can troll people. Elmo has established himself as the latter. When Clay identifies someone as a troll, he’s a troll. And no, if somebody beats the same dead horse over and over they’re gonna get called on it, regardless of the merits or popularity of that particular opinion.

People continue to dump on the last administration, and in my book, there’s really no need to do that. We all know (or at least, should) the bad record, the poor performance and the failure to live up to expectations. I think we should look forward. There’s much work to be done because of the previous staff’s failures, but it’s time to move forward. I am ready to move past the last five (actually, six) years and wish everybody else would do the same. If that’s called optimistic, then so be it. I just think it’s realistic.

How many times did you employ your beating a dead horse GIF in response to Hog Treat’s incessant posting in support of Bielema last Fall? We know you liked to utilize it when responding to my posts!

I think the issue with Elmo is just that he has come to dogmatic conclusions without any evidence.

NO ONE knows or can possibly know at this point whether CCM will be successful.

The Bielema era was long enough and had enough data from which to form opinions and have discussion. And while I agreed it was necessary to fire him, I am open minded enough to understand how some didn’t feel the same way.

Anyone who believes he can predict success or failure for the new regime is just blowing smoke.
And Elmo does it in a ridiculously self righteous way.

But all this is just my opinion as well.

Ain’t that the truth. Especially those that troll just to find opportunities to display that frigging guy beating a lying horse. Or is it “laying” horse Petunia? Swine being a troll; I hadn’t thought of him that way.

Very good post…none of us know if Morris will be closer to Broyles/Hatfield or Douglas/Bielema in terms of success. I’m personally optimistic and think Elmo is way off base to be so negative at this point

That said, just don’t like seeing the group think cabal try and bully him in to dialing back his opinions.

Elmo…fire away my man! Hope you are proven to be dead wrong though! :smiley:

LOL - good stuff

I disagree with predicting success or failure. You can look at the overall body of evidence in prior to coming here, look at who is being recruited, how they fit in the SEC (for example a WR with offers from Grambling, Tulane, Southern, and we are his only P5 D1, why?), plus listen for any snide remarks made by coach or former school. And form a fairly educated opinion.

Now, having said that the entire staff isn’t in place, right now the only two officially listed is Morris and Lunney, both have been somewhat successful

Oh anyone can predict…

I think the vast majority of people would have predicted great success for Bielema based off previous results. There is a saying “The best predictor of future outcome is previous results”.

But I maintain there is an insufficient quantity of data to make broad sweeping declarations of failure at this point.

By Swine’s definition, virtually everyone on this board trolls their gifted opinion. How big a troll depends on how much you disagree with that opinion. If it stirs up conversation, beats the heck out of boredom. St. Elmo’s fire away…

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner


Reid I have to chuckle that you carry such a torch. There is a difference between being positive with some objective moments in my posts. I got upset with CBB but I tried to do it tastefully. It is not much different than the example of Burning OUR Flag- it is legal in some circles but it is beyond bad taste and principle. You burn a flag in public and you might be confronted harshly. Free speech is a wonderful thing but you are not Free to make dramatic statements on a message board without an argument from opposing views. You and I countered each other but you still seem to be hurt. I think that you and elmo are a lot alike in that you don’t recognize the drama and harsh judgement you inject into your statements OR maybe you get your kicks out of getting a response.

I don’t hink they’re the only ones

I know there are a handful of real antagonists on here that made it hard to survive the ending days of CBB. 15 years ago I was a prick on the PigPen and I even go back to the old days of the KARK board. I was argumentative but I was never saying anything to get a rise or attention. I was making a point and those were the days of HogInMemphis and The Truth who were constantly stirring dissent. There are a number of us that have been around and have mellowed and our consistent involvement is indicative of our love for OUR HOGS. A Funny thing happened- I grew up. There are people I don’t like on here and there are those on here that can’t stand me…and I am good with that. Such is life…but I will fight for my Alma Mater and State.

Hurt? LOL

Just find it amusing that a guy who was oh so wrong oh so often about the last coach has the audacity to tell other posters to tone down or limit sharing their opinion. Personally, if I was as wrong as you were about the previous coach I’d probably take a little break from posting to let folks forget some of the outlandish things I posted…not get on my soapbox to tell others what or how often they need to post.