Wouldn't shock me if Morris

adds a HS coach to his staff. I should say as a position coach.

How about some SEC caliber coaches??? Coaches that have experience in this league, other than a 61 year old DC that’s past it?

You guys just wait. This will get messy up there.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m beginning to think you don’t agree with Coach Morris on a few things.

We shall see. And I hope you are dead wrong.

Wishful thinking Elmo?

Gus came to AR as a high school coach and as a coordinator to boot. I’d say he made the transition fairly well.

Just more elmo!!!

If the coach is from Texas that would be awesome. The more connections the better.

Give it a rest Elmo. You are being ridiculous. You made your point and have ruined every thread by hijacking it with your agenda.

Elmo’s back, thought his 10 day subscription had run out :smiley:

I think it would be fantastic. That’s who HS players relate to best.

JFB hired lots of legends but one of his best hires was Wilson Matthews from LR Central High.

Hope FL, or Cal. With the hire of Chavis, Lunney, Allen, and the SMU guys, I’d expect AR, TX, LA are covered. FL and Cal are both just behind Texas in 4/5* athletes.

If Coach Morris hires someone with Wilson Matthews type credentials, I’d be encouraged. Other things being equal, I’d prefer a successful NCAA experienced coach over a high school coach.

After 1958, I don’t recall Coach Broyles hiring any coaches out of the high school ranks.

If it is Kevin Kelley from PA for special teams and offensive help bring it on. Also gives you another crack at OL that committed to Notre Dame.

We don’t need another coach on the offensive side, and Kelley only knows onside kicks, haha. We need defensive coaches that are top notch recruiters, not high school coaches.

The offensive side is full with Craddock, Stepp, Fry, Traylor and either Lunney or Smith. The rest of the hires are going to be on defense.

Didn’t JFB all but hire Gus? :?: :smiley:

Ken Stephens - 1970 - hired by Broyles to coach freshman team. Left after 1 year to go back to alma mater UCA (SCA) at the time. Think he was hired after winning multiple state championships at NLR High School.

Wilson Matthews was Frank’s enforcer. One Wilson story-early on he’d walk around practice with his belt in hand. If a player took a little too long to get up after the play, Wilson would give him a lick.

I disagree with Elmo on Morris but why do you think you can tell another poster “ to give it a rest” because his thoughts don’t align with yours? If you got your way Mr. 11-29/Building it the Right Way would still be here. You preached and preached about how great Bielema was while he proceeded to wreck the program. Now in just over a month you’ve hammered down and boogie woogied 100% in to the Morris Camp and have no tolerance for Elmo’s skepticism.

Given how wrong you were about Bielema you might be well served to sit back and let things unfold instead of telling others how wrong they are.

I tend to agree here. The group think around here sometimes is ridiculous.