Wouldn't it be a nice change of pace if....

We need to see Gafford in the High post more. Been screaming for this all year. He’s lost down low. At least when Chaney’s in. Good things happen and he’s a great passer from up top

Need to finish strong

Piglets growing up

Foul fest. Refs are awful

I’ve been saying the same.

Hack a Dan has started. I’m glad he made one there.

I remember Nolan saying you win championships with your guard play, let hope our guards get on the same page before the dusk settles this season we may become pleasantly surprised

I have wondered that myself— seems to me like he is a tad slow getting off the blocks

Absolutely. But we all know it’s not how you start. We were beating TT at the half. Did that satisfy you?

This might sound a bit weird, but those slow starts and us able to recover from it is very encouraging.

Typically from young teams, they are good when they play with a lead and confidence is up and everything is going good, it actually takes a lot of discipline and trust to come back from a double digit deficit and then beat the other team by double digits. These young guys never get too down and always play with confidence and feel like they can win no matter how many points they get down, that’s really good, that means that we’re always going to be in games, that’s the mentality good teams have.

With that said, I do agree starting every game slow and watching spot the other team 10+ is very frustrating.