Wouldn't it be a nice change of pace if....

…if we could start a game putting the other guys in a hole
instead of digging one for ourselves!

I know its not realistic… just a dream I have.

They will start playing when they get down about 15!

The trend continues. Same start as always.

Amen to that. Seems like every game.

Why does Gafford never control the tip?v

The same starting lineup keeps giving the same EXACT results…missing a handful of 3pt attempts to start the game.

Harris don’t not need to lead the hogs in shot attempts! Maybe he will drive and get fouled some more.
Starting lineup don’t matter much. They all start off cold as ice!

Would also be nice to rebound occasionally or try to look like your trying to get a rebound

I will second that on rebounding. They are starting to rebound a little. The free throws by Gafford are a pleasant suprise. So far Gabe has the only Miss.

Gafford needs to quit turning the ball over and committing stupid fouls

I-joe seems particularly slow tonite

I just really wish we cared about rebounding

It’s laughable

Well not really
Not funny

I’ve wondered that myself, seems like he losses it a lot, when in reality he should NEVER lose the tip, there’s not a big man yet he’s played that’s more athletic than him.

On Manny Watkins and Mike Anderson Jr’s radio show that said Isiah has been sick.

He’s not even going hard after rebounds. Lost when another gets picked and stays with his man anyways and gives up an easy two. I’d love to see our plus/minus the last three games with him on the floor.

Thanks Blu. That explains it. He just seemed sluggish—-not himself

He was sick the last game also. Takes a while to recoup if it is a bad case of the flu. Unless ur MJ.

These refs suck

Yes they do!

I can’t believe they didn’t call a foul on Harris’s drive but for sure it leads to an open 3 for Georgia.